DSC_8233Anna Linda is a Swedish Flow expert who has already been on the WIB stage guiding us through the Flow experience in some of the past editions in Saas-Fee. Anna Linda is also part of the WIB team supporting us in all the ways possible.

She is a microbiologist and medical researcher and has worked for individual and corporations teaching them how to optimize their energy and make better use of their creativity. Her position as the bridge between conventional medicine and alternative therapies has now become more visible while she is been teaching individuals how to strategically complement the treatment they receive at the hospital, to take control more quickly of their situation and regain a sustainable state of health.
It is always very interesting listen to Anna-Linda and learn about the Flow.

You can learn more about her and her career visiting her profile on the WIB team section. But most importantly you can listen what she has to say in Saas-Fee on September 14th.

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